Specialist Quarried Products.

Specialist Quarried Products

Our portfolio of quality Specialist Quarried Products include; Geo Selfbinding Gravel, Geo 20mm and 10mm Buff Chippings, Geo 6G Gabion Stone (100/200mm).We offer nationwide delivery on these products.

Geo Selfbinding Gravel

Geo Selfbinding Gravel

Aesthetically pleasing, Geo Selfbinding Gravel is ideal for both commercial and public applications such as golf courses, parks, public pathways and nature trails. The setting properties bind the gravel together when compacted to provide a firm durable surface which is easy to install and maintain.

Case Studies

William Davis Selfbinding Gravel

William David Homes, Lutterworth – 1300 SqM




Public Access Pathway  -7300 SqM


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Laying Instructions.

Geo 20mm and 10mm Buff Chippings

This premium quality angular limestone has a warm, bright appearance. The buff coloured stone works well in both traditional and contemporary designs and can be used for driveways, footpaths and any landscaping projects.


  • 20/10mm Buff Chippings
Geo 6G Gabion Stone (100/200mm).

Gabion baskets are a popular means of creating a cost effective, yet attractive retaining wall. The natural buff colour provides an eye catching and professional appearance and is sure to enhance any Gabion project.


  • 100/200mm 6G Gabion Stone

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Minimum vehicle size is 3.5T (Transit Pickup type Vehicle)

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