Quarried Aggregates

Quarried Aggregates

Aggregate is the term used for blasted rock from a quarry that is crushed and screened to produce smaller sized material suitable for further processing within the construction industry such as fills, ready mixed concrete and coated roadstone. It can range from 150mm single size down to dust.

Quarried Aggregates

Sub Bases

Sub Bases

Typical use for finished surface prior to blacktop or concrete application, should be non-frost susceptible and generally will be a 40 mm evenly graded hard Limestone.


  • Clause 803 Type 1
  • GSB Type 1
  • Type 3 Limestone
  • 63 10mm Limestone
  • 20 4mm Limestone
Capping & Structural Fill

6F2/6F5 Capping Layer

Typical use for capping sub formation prior to laying Mot type 1 sub base normally to a depth of 150 mm dependant on ground conditions. Constituent materials are generally a 100mm to dust well graded

Type 6C Starter Layer

Typical use for a 6C would be for use in wet or unstable ground conditions prior to capping with 6F2 generally a quarried material from our hard limestone without fines content.


  • 75/45mm Limestone (6c)
Pipe Bedding & Filter Media

Typical use is for drainage works, backfill to crib walls and central reservation works on highways.


  • 20- 10mm Limestone
  • 10 4mm Limestone
  • 40- 20mm Limestone
  • 20 4mm Limestone


Typical use is for blinding over the surface of a hardcore prior to the laying of concrete to fill any interstice.

Also used to bed drainage pipes as a protection layer. Other sand fill such as rock sand is used for mass fill and embankment fills due to its excellent compaction qualities.


  • Fill Sand / Blinding Fines
Agricultural Lime

Aglime increases the pH of acidic soil (the lower the pH the more acidic the soil); in other words, soil acidity is reduced and alkalinity increased. Aglime from Little Ponton Quarry has a neutralising value of 53.8%




  • 20mm Cotswold Chippings
  • 10mm Cotswold Chippings
  • 6G Gabion Stone
  • 10/0mm self binding gravel

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